Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Because I had such a shitty sleep the previous night I brought down a thick mattress to sleep on instead of just the futon and it made a world of difference. Despite only getting 7 hours of sleep (thanks Game of Thrones) I woke up pretty fresh at 6 am. I had a choice of a shorter but harder workout or the beginner one which is about 5 minutes longer. I went with the beginner because some of the exercises looked interesting like Around the World. I like to swing the kettlebells because it feels more like playing than working out.

The workout consists of 8 exercises over 3 rounds. The exercises are varied enough to keep your interest high but they are repeated over all 3 rounds. I don't like this format so much and would prefer even a slight variation for example, kettlebell curl squat, kettlebell overhead squat and kettlebell squat with alternate hands. But I guess this is beginner so they didn't want too much variety to confuse the person doing it.

The workout was relatively easy for me but I worked up a furious sweat. I think I need a heavier kettlebell for this workout. I'm still watching the prices at Bodymaker to see when they go down so I can snag a 16kg and a smaller one for my son.

This is deinitely a good intro to kettlebells for beginners because there are not many exercises where you lift the kettlebell higher than waist height. I did actually drop it once while spinning it around my body during the 3rd round - getting tired I suppose.

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