Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gym Workout

So I took my son to Judo again today, he learned Tai-otoshi and Seio-nage. It seems to be growing on him but when I talk about taking him to class he groans a bit. After class, though, he is a little high and tries to show me the techniques. I know what that high feels like after training grappling.

While he was training I went upstairs to work out at the gym. My ankle is still swollen so I couldn't do squats even though I really wanted to. I just worked out cardio on the bicycle and elliptical machine. Then I was going to do some bench pressing but some kid took over the rack for over an hour. I remember seeing him like 5 years ago when I used to use this gym and he hasn't grown an inch in thickness despite always being there. He's one of those kids who keeps lifting his shirt in the mirror to look at his abs and is probably scared to eat more to pack on muscle because he doesn't want to lose his abs. It makes me laugh to look at him.

I got a bit of a shock while in the changing rooms. I walked in and saw a guy getting changed whose face seemed familiar. He looked at me for longer than usual and we sort of growled a greeting at each other. Then there was an awkward couple of minutes in which we began checking each other out. Then I asked said "I may be wrong but don't you train at Fukuzumi jiu-jitsu?". He immediately laughed and we shook hands. Turns out he is a white belt who goes with his son only I didn't recognize him immediately because he usually wears ear guards and I was wearing glasses so looked different for him. We talked about training for a bit then went off our separate ways to train. Very cool though to meet a guy from the same club even though I only sparred once with him so far. Small world.

In between pull ups and dumbell bench press I saw some chick checking me out. I've become far more sensitive to this kind of attention as I age. She was on the elliptical machine and so I decided to use the one next to her. Sure enough she started talking to me. Name was Ayaka, typical OL (office lady) who guessed rightly that I am British. Foreigners over here really do stand out a lot. I used to be wary of those types who would latch on to you because you are foreign but now I don't care...especially if she is cute.

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