Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 1 P90X2 - X2 Core

I've had a cold or perhaps it has been two of them back to back for a week. This prevented me from training BJJ and I hated it so much. Today I started P90X2 as scheduled. I'm about 80% fit right now but didn't want to leave starting P90X2 any longer. Since finishing Tapout XT I have not been eating very well. It felt really good to workout this morning with something new, something fresh and lively.

This workout was actually not very taxing, although it did make me sweat in the last 15 minutes. The weather is much colder right now than when I started Tapout so the sweat does not pour off me. X2 Core began with some unique warmups using a balance ball and a foam roller. I've always wanted to start a workout with a roller so really loved this great start to the day. Not only that, the warmup was about 15 minutes long with the meat of the workout lasting a little under 40 minutes. Exercises of note were push ups in a wide stance on top of a medicine ball which I was not very good at, single leg squatting and jumping and Dreya rolls with a medicine ball.

This workout is definately exciting. You get to use different apparatus and it did not feel long and boring at all. Top marks for this Tony H.

My plan is to do this workout for 3 weeks then 1 week in recovery, This will take me up to a competition I plan to enter on December 2nd in Handa.

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