Saturday, 20 October 2012

On the Mat Day 312: Private Lesson

Things have been bustling at the club lately but not last night. The temperature has really dropped so I think it has detered people from training. From the hot humid summer to a chilly autumn, makes people stay in doors wrapped up more. Plus it's a time in Japan when many folks catch a cold or influenza, making them rush out to get their jabs against it. I talked to Miura-san at the end of class, discovered he is a Civil Engineer, and he told me that Autumn and Winter are busy times for construction in Japan so people are busy with their jobs. The months leading up to the end of the year are notoriously busy as well. This means that the coming few months will probably see me in low number lessons.

F-sensei was there last night to teach. No doubt because his wife will give birth today and he wanted to swap the class with K-sensei. There was just me and him which gave me an opportunity to ask him questions. Before that though he told me to work on some techniques for armbar and triangle from guard against situations when for example the opponent is avoiding the triangle by hiding his elbow in your hip. I also asked him about the sitting guard and x-guard then onto deep half. He has so much knowledge, the only problem is I get little time to drill it. I think I need to take what he tells me and go drill it with someone at the club 1000 times.

At the end of the night I caught one of the guys with my knee in his mouth and he told me that he would sit this one out. I felt really bad. It was going for a triangle. I felt like that rough guy who is all elbows and knees rushing at you 100 mph. He is bigger than me so I need to use speed which was when the accident happened. I just went on to roll with another guy and later he rolled with the instructor and avoided me. There was an odd number of us rolling so I had to sit out too much at the end which bummed me out because I really wanted to keep rolling. If I don't get 7 plus rolls in I feel lazy.

Sparring time: 6 x 5 = 30 mins

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