Thursday, 11 October 2012

On the Mat Day 309: Ringworm Woes

A small patch of skin on my right pectoral started to itch about a week ago and grew into a circle about the size of a small coin. The skin was dry and I thought that maybe I had ringworm. I wear a rash guard and shower or bathe as soon as I get home so was really suprised by this. I went to a skin specialist the other night. He took a few scrapings and examined the offending skin under a microscope then told me it wasn't a fungal based problem. I was relieved because after reading up on ringworm, I was not happy about the chance that my kids could catch it too since it's my duty to put them in the bath at night.  I also learnt that ringworm will not clear up by itself. Apparently, what I have is just a type of ezcema. I'm still not convinced though. I've never had it before. Perhaps it came about because I was sweating tons this summer from exercising every day. Whatever, the cream he gave me has almost healed it. They also told me to hold a UV light over it for 4 minutes. I cannot fault doctors in Japan. They are quick and efficient. The only drawback is they love to give out bagfuls of medicine like its christmas.

The ringworm suspect
Training was good on Tuesday night. There were 3 purple belts. I submitted two of them and did not let the other pass my guard. Small victories. I am still working on maintaining guard and getting better with my hip movement. Terazawa-san lent me his ear guards because the one I borrowed from the club comes off and smacks into my poor beaten up ear. At one point I almost broke down in tears when the cup was forced over my ear - but I didn't!

How to Deafeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent DVD arrived from grapplearts. It is very good and I will review it once I have digested enough of it.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins


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  2. Whoa, the image displayed here is defintely one of the signs of ringworm. I seriously recommend you take immediate medication for it. Also, try some home remedies. And most importantly, no matter what happens, don't itch near the infected area! Take care.

  3. You are absolutely right, sir. I had a 2nd opinion and was told it was ringworm. The cream I now am using is working wonders in clearing it up.

  4. Wow, this is a good post on ringworm treatment. :D Nice, keep posting!