Monday, 13 August 2012

Tapout XT Day 38: Plyo XT

I have to be truthful about this one. It took an extreme effort of will to do this workout today. It always kicks my arse, its painful to get through and that makes it easy to think about doing a different (easier) workout or just skipping it. Plyo XT is the deal breaker, it's the point where if you are going to quit the program, it will be on a day scheduled with Plyo XT.

I still went ahead and did the workout, and indeed it did kick my arse. I took all kind of breaks in the 2nd half. I still pushed myself harder than previous. I wore my heart rate monitor again and was a bit dissapointed with the results. Bear in mind that it did stop for a few minutes here and there so I could safely add 50 to 100 calories to the score. Here are the stats:

Calories 364 calories
Max HRT 166
Average HRT 125
Length 51 min 20 sec

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