Monday, 6 August 2012

Tapout XT Day 31: Plyo XT

I'm back on track. Got up at 6 am and did Plyo XT. My trap muscle is much better. It's just a very dull ache if I stretch it by touching my toes. The previous week I stretched 4 times for 30 to 50 mins and did 3 BJJ lessons. The stretching and taking it easy at BJJ class has helped me to recover while not losing much stamina.

This workout still kicks my arse though. Especially in this heat with cicada crying in the morning. It's enough to sap my strength. I was very apprehensive as to whether I could get back into the groove and the first 10 minutes were rough. But as my body warmed to the workout the time went by in no time.

Sleep is still a problem as always. I have a deficit of about 2 hours. Should have taken a nap on the weekend.

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