Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tapout XT Day 3: Yoga XT

I did this workout yesterday evening because I wasn't able to get up in the morning after finishing BJJ practice at such a late time the previous night. At 50 minutes it wasn't as long as P90X Yoga and it was longer than some of the Beachbody 1-on-1 yoga sessions. The pace is pretty fast so if you are looking for a calm stretching love-myself kind of yoga, this is not it. This is power yoga, yoga to build strength in your arms, legs and torso. I would have preferred more stretching and it did come at the end but then was followed by ab work. I don't know why trainers do that. Let me relax and stretch at the end after all the hard work please.

I admit my arms were shaking towards the end with the plank holds and single arm holds. It was a good workout but certainly not one to chill out doing.

Workout: Yoga XT
Type: Lots of push ups and chair pose, fast paced power yoga
Time: Around 50 minutes
Tools: Just the floor and you


  1. I did Muay Thai on Day 3. Best exercise out of the lot, yet. It doesn't work your muscles like the rest do, but it's a lot of fun. It keeps you engaged in the routine.
    I've tried "power" yoga before, and I'm not sure what to think of it ...

    1. Alright, Muay Thai's a sneaky one, it is. I was in complete pain the next day, especially in my shoulders and shoulder blades. Not fun. Couldn't even keep to the schedule-- had to postpone yoga for the next day.

      The yoga was easy enough. I thought it could have been better, just a bit, but it was decent. At least I don't hurt today! That's why I prefer "power" yoga to most other exercises-- you don't damage your muscles as much, but you can still get a good workout, if you know what you're doing.