Wednesday, 11 April 2012

On the Mat Day 254: Summer is Coming

I didn't get my regular Sunday training in and felt a bit of a slob. I was extremely busy this weekend doing DIY on a room that I started work on after Christmas. The 2 competitions I entered in February and March kept me so busy training that I had little time for anything else. Everytime I work on the house I feel like crap the next couple of days after. It really takes it out of me. Yesterday before training I felt drained of energy and just wanted to go to sleep after I got home from work. Instead I got my kit ready and rested for a little before heading out to class.

The weather right now is very good. This is probably the best time to train. Summer is around the corner and that means high humidity and 2 liters of water drunk during each class. It can be hell. A couple of regulars turned up to Tsurumai last night, sadly Kondo-san didn't make it - I like to ask him judo questions. F-sensei taught us passing by controlling the opponent's legs and using pressure to control the opponent's hips. I am not very good at these type of passes. I tend to not trust putting all my weight on him because I feel like I am going to be swept. Perhaps this is a problem with my balance. Maybe I need to do some balance ball exercises.

Since the last competition I have just been chilling and eating. My stamina has dropped as a consequence. I think I have gained about 1 kg back. I really should start jogging or doing cardio in the morning. Things are warm now so it is easier to get up early. Sparring with Kensuke and Tete was interesting. They both got my back and I didn't fight against it like crazy because I want to escape from this position. I worked through the escapes and applied a wrist lock against both of them. They both tapped to it to my surprise! The technique is called Monjibaka which I always thought is Japanese but is in fact Portugese. It was effective anyway.

Just some thoughts on sparring with F-sensei but I notice more and more how little he gives any purchase holds for my grips. His elbows are always buried in his sides, he protects his collar from chokes and I basically cannot get a handle on anything to control him. He can often lie on his side and I am unable to control him at all. It's like trying to hold down a giant snake. His body also moves together as one. He never uses a single limb to push or pull but you can feel his entire body moving especially during escapes. I can see that the power comes from his hips when he moves but it is still hard for me to mimic this motion for my own escapes. He mentioned at the end of the class that we should always be using all four limbs. Never let one arm hang doing nothing. Always maintain contact with the opponent. 4 limbs are stronger than 3 etc. I've heard this before and try to maintain this principle but when fatigued I do get lazy.

Sparring time: 6 mins x 7 = 42 mins

Notable moments: Monjibaka success against 2 good opponents who are aware of the technique. Waiter sweep on Kensuke. Poor top armbar control. Need to get very tight vs small opponents.

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