Wednesday, 15 February 2012

On the Mat Day 232: A Week of Absence

It felt good to train today after getting over one of the worst colds I've had in a long time. I only have a week until the Handa competition and I've been watching my weight carefully. I am just under the 76 kg restriction. Today at class F-sensei showed us passes when the opponent has both his legs hooked into ours. They were all low smothering passes. I've seen a few of them before but it never gets old seeing them again. Sometimes while drilling, I stop and have a wtf moment in which my brain has totally forgotten the next step. This is annoying to me and I can only put it down to some deterioration of my brain similar to my inability over the last few years to recall the names of famous people. It may be something to do with me living in Japan though so I am not too bothered. BJJ engages my brain enough to keep it young and healthy, I hope.

Two white belts and a brown attended class. I had some really fun sparring sessions and even caught the brown belt in a triangle. He is a cool guy and despite his weight of around 90 kg plays a relaxed game where he lets you get away with a few things. I am really going for the triangle a lot recently. I figure that the more I do it, fail or not, the more proficient I will become. I also used an effective side escape - it's getting there, slowly - yes.

After class F-sensei mentioned that he liked Marcelo Garcia's new book more than Camarillo's. I am reading Camarillo's "Submit Everyone" right now and will probably review it somewhere down the line.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 3 mins

Notable moments: White belt stacks my triangle attempt first time, 2nd time he tries I flip him over to take top triangle mount. Thankfully I learn from my mistakes.

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