Saturday, 21 January 2012

On the Mat Day 225: Crucifix Escapes

We worked the crucifix again on Thursday night. Myself and Fuji who are now both regulars at Tsurumai dojo went through the drills. I discovered that I need to maintain a tighter over-under grip when I roll forward to pull them with me. At the start, because Fuji is such a barrel chested guy, I found myself slipping off but soon adjusted it. It's funny how on Tuesday I thought I had it down, then do the same technique with a different partner (i.e. body type) and Boom! mistake revealed. Tete also turned up a little later and so we got to sparring.

I really tried to push myself because I have put my name down for a competition being held in Handa next month on Feb. 18. This has got me working hard and training more. Even just thinking about BJJ tech more than I usually do. Whatever results on the day of the competition, just the fact that I am doing more now to prepare for it means that it has been of benefit to me.

I am still trying to work on sit up guard...and failing. But failure is part of the learning process. I am also trying to concentrate on keeping pressure with my body and giving no space when attacking. I used the KoB escape with K-sensei and it worked like a treat. It is definately going in my box of tools. I am at a good place right now. Enjoying training immensely and the feel of sweat after a hard training session is fantastic.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins (incredibly drained after this lesson)
Notable moments: Sweeping K-sensei from KoB and doing a few decent passes against the guys.

Another Jason Scully video worth checking out.

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