Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6AM Workout

I've been getting up early on alternate days to do an upper body workout. Since my knee is busted I can't do any of the RevAbs or other workouts from Beachbody. I did get through a handful of workouts from the 2nd phase of RevAbs but my knee was painful the next day so I gave it up. I've restricted myself to the following workout.

Wide pronated grip pull ups (6-7)
Standard push ups (20)
Sitting bicep curls (10) - 10kg
Neck bridges (10)
Ab wheel (5)

I repeat this sequence 3 times. Starting with a 3 repetition yoga sun salutation to warm up, the whole workout takes about 30 minutes. I don't rest much in between sets. It's a nice little warm up in the morning just to grease the groove.

I've been thinking about buying a couple of snap together mats for the room I workout in and maybe doing a little bit of rolling with my son. It is probably time to work through the Bullyproof DVDs from the Gracie Academy. This will make the room a bit more of an official workout area and eventually get my kids into jiu-jitsu. I have 2 daughters and aim to teach them both how to defend themselves.

After the workout I had a nice relaxing breakfast which consisted of an Asai bowl and a mango protein shake. A good start to the day.

The next workout I will try to add a set of pull ups while gripping the collar of my dogi. Probably good to increase push ups and curl weight reps, too.

A friend of mine gave me a podcast with a Joe Rogan interview since he knew that Joe does jiu-jitsu. I listened to it and have a lot more respect for the guy even though he is 10th planet (joke). He came across as very intelligent and expressed a deep understanding of himself and what role martial arts and BJJ played in his life. For me, growing up with a similar background (single parent, martials arts giving me a focus), there were many points of the interview I felt empathy with the guy. So, if you're interested in some background on a guy who does an excellent job breaking down the BJJ portion of UFC fights it is worth checking it.

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