Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ready for Week 4 of Rev Abs

Ok so I have been plugging away at Rev Abs. The Cicadas wake me up at 6 am every morning so even if I am not up to it, they make sure to alarm clock me into a workout. I kind of like them but wish there was more variety. There is another 3 weeks of the same routines but I feel that I'm ready to step it up. Perhaps 3 stages instead of 2 would have been better.

As part of my fitness regime. I bought a bicycle because my old one was being stubborn about being fixed. I may go riding in the mornings during the coming holidays after Rev Abs.

Also, I found a Brazilian sho p that sells Acai. I have been wanting to get my hands on some of this to eat for breakfast in the mornings. I look forward to competitions just to have this stuff when I compete. Found it in a little shop in Midoriku called The Amigos. I walked in and there was meat everywhere in huge bulk size bags. Those Brazilians sure do know how to eat lots of meat. I'm a fan.

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