Sunday, 12 June 2011

On the Mat Day 165: Triangle Setup and Spider Guard Pass

All the guys were sweating buckets in class today. The humidity and temperature is really high right now during the rainy season. I just finished sparring with F-sensei and was caught for most of the time under his side control. I got up and just stood by the big industrial fan and whispered to myself that I feel like I'm dying (half-jokingly). I turned to see a purple belt (Tsuzuki) watching me with a grin. He didn't fair better because I had the last spar with him and he was beat too. It's amazing though how much you can dig deep to go one more round.

I felt great after class. A real dopamine release when I train on Sunday. It really starts the day off well.

I had to wear ear guards during sparring because of my ear and was very happy to not get them hurt any more. I could not wear them indefinately though. Most of the time I spent trying to adjust them while caught in rear mount or side control.

Mentioning side control. I read an article about beginners feeling that they were suffocating under side control and the claustrophobic effect. I can sympathise with this but it is something that you really do learn to cope with. In fact, jiu-jitsu has such a weird way of helping you in your out-of-dojo life that it is amazing. Just the other day I had to crawl under my house, putting down termite repellent and at first I balked at seeing such a tight space. But after being under side control so much I spent the good part of 2 hours under my floor boards. Thankyou BJJ!

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

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