Saturday, 12 February 2011

On the Mat Day 135: Collar Chokes

My first Saturday morning class for a while now. There was only me turned up. I understand, it snowed yesterday and it is hard to get motivated in such cold weather. I am practically sitting in a blanket or next to the heater every day. Still it was good to have a 1 on 1 lesson with F-sensei. He covered a lot of chokes and it really drove home to me that I need to write them down. He showed me a choke from side control where your lapel closest to the opponent's head goes over his head then you catch it with the nearside arm. You then turn to a sort of north-side and roll over your shoulder to choke him out. It looked sort of cool so I asked him to show me it again at the end.

A big brown belt came at 12 noon, I don't see him often but he is big and strong and surprisingly fast for his size. He tackled me with a double leg and kept breaking my half guard to pass. Very heavy guy. F-sensei kept drilling home that I need to move me and not benchpress the opponent. It's not that he was telling me directly but he mentioned it was best to do it that way. I need more mat time and better cardio at this stage. I did manage to escape from F-sensei a few times although he leaves some space on purpose for me. I also tried for that scissor choke with the arms I saw the other day. Almost had it. I think I could get it on someone around my level.

Sparring time: 3 x 6 mins = 18 mins

Early finish to the lesson today and I feel worn out for some reason.

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