Saturday, 11 September 2010

On the Mat Day 101: Butterfly Sweeps

It's been a weird week. The weather cooled down then came back again today with the humidity and all. Still I am so used to it now. Sweat dripping from every part of me and replenishing it with 2 liters of water during training. Crazy.

Both K and F sensei are out of town tomorrow and Sunday. There is a big competition going on so there are no classes. That meant that many came tonight for a workout. I sparred quit a bit tonight but still am feeling weak in my cardio. I almost got K-sensei with a Kimura but as expected for a brown belt, he escaped. It amazes me to watch how higher belts are so slippery when it comes to moving out of bad positions. I am starting to fall in love with the way that strength isn't the main pre-requisite but rather technique is key. This gives me hope for the future when I am old and haggard but I still have the technique to fend off the young guys.

I sparred at the end with F-sensei's wife, Fumika. It was a great round because as well as using no strength, all I did was try for technique and then back up when it didn't work. I don't think I tensed any of my muscles once during the round. I'm getting much better at rolling out from a turtled position but sometimes I get caught from doing it by the guy behind placing his leg over mine or holding the arm I want to roll on.

The new guy was there tonight and I watched him roll with Fuji-san who is a blue belt. It was pure strength vs strength. The new guy was doing really well and I just kept thinking "Shit, he is gonna flatten me." But when we came to roll I caught him the same way as last time with an ude-gaeshi and made sure he didn't get on top. I get enough of top controlled from the other guys. Still he is strong but my goal was to beat him with technique.

At one point during the night, I tried to return to guard by pulling my knee in and smacked myself right below the eye with a knee. Hurt but I don't think my opponent saw it. Sometimes I get clumsy like that. I guess I need to move smoother.

Sparring time: 6 mins x 7 = 43 mins
Punching bag: 3 mins x 3 rds = 9 mins

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