Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day 48: Guard Pass

Still cold again today. There were a few people at the dojo. We started with chokes as normal and went onto guard passing. I don't know why but some times I get frustrated because we are shown a technique, go to work on it with a partner, get to practice maybe 4 times each then on to the next technique. This is repeated for 5-6 techniques until the hour is up. Sometimes it doesn't go an hour then we are right into sparring.

I would much prefer to do one or two techniques 10 times over or more. I don't care about boredom because I know repetition is the key. Even just 4 times then change partners then do the same technique would be good because we could work on different body types.

Anyway, it's just an annoyance with how BJJ is taught.

We did guard passes from in butterfly and open guard. I've seen some of them before so most of them were a recap but there were a few that were a little different.

After training, because I can't do sparring with my foot, I did pull ups, neck extensions and some abs. I will keep this up even after sparring when I can get back into it.

Here are some BJJ funnies.

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