Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 43: Grappling Shoot Boxers (GBS)

Tonight I joined a few people from our dojo and went to another gym where they train MMA and jiu-jitsu. I did a purely jiu-jitsu class where there were around 33 people. Their floor space is smaller than our dojo too so it was hard to get in any sparring rounds. I did manage 5 bouts with folk I'd never sparred with before. My guard passing needs lots of work for sure. I also need to work on open guard a lot because people pass me easily and it is so frustrating ending up being side controlled or knee on belly.

Given that, it was in all a lot of fun. I was a little nervous at first stepping in a new place. A lot of the guys looked tough too as expected from doing boxing and shoot boxing. Lots of cauliflower ears and big guns and abs. There were even a few women there. One of them had their ear taped up probably because it was bleeding.

One other thing that was new tonight was a belt whipping. One of the instructors was promoted to black belt and he had to run, or I should say crawl, the gauntlet. Bear in mind there were 30 plus people there. He had to crawl past us all while we whipping him with our belts. I only hit him hard because I hardly know the guy but some really belted him and not just once. I suppose there are some people at our dojo I'd not pull back but I felt sorry for the guy. He took it like a champ though.

Here is a video of the guy who got his back whipped. He's teaching the Twister in Korea.

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