Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day 24: Open Guard Pass II

It was so fucking freezing tonight. My feet felt like ice on the mat. Thank god the kerosene heater was on and burning in the background. There were only 5 of us including Fukuzumi-sensei and we all huddled around the warmth of the heater at the beginning.

I got a lot out of the session tonight. I went in there telling myself to leave the ego at the door, choose opponents I didn't want to spar with, tap a lot and relax, not use strength.

Fukuzumi showed us an interesting thing with the rear naked choke. When your opponent blocks the choke with his chin so you can' sink it it properly what you can do is keep the RNC on, breath out all the air in your lungs, this causes the choking arms to contract towards your body, keep them in the contracted position while you breath in deeply. It worked too. The grip of the arm tightens over the chin and it is really painful. After that we did a lot of open guard passes. Mostly using our bodyweight to fix the opponents legs to the floor then break half-guard.

I sparred with 3 people. Worked my way into a twister side control to see how it is. The opponent was smaller than me so it was fairly easy to hold him with it before moving to full mount, which I have to say is easier to achieve than from regular side mount. The big blue belt still knocks the shit out of me. He must have 10 kg on me and of course better technique. That is rough. I blooded my mouth while sparring with him - dunno how. I stopped to wash it off and looked in the mirror, my teeth were covered in blood and a nasty copper taste filled my mouth. I'll get you some day big blue belt - that I will har har.

The two blue belts left early. One of them hurt his shoulder. This left me ample opportunity to ask the black and brown belt lots of questions about side escape. They showed me some great moves which I can't wait to try out next lesson.

Signing off and feeling good today despite the traces of a slight cold.

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