Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Day 11: Kesa-Gatame

I like to start by listing my current injuries so I won't mention how beat up I feel this morning. It's probably best to leave out details of how a guy last night brought all his weight down on his knee to strike the inside of my foot. Of course, he didn't mean it but it hurt like hell all the same. It's swollen slightly and throbs when I put my shoes on. But it's only pain. I'll not delve into details about how a guy knelt on my left bicep so that a shooting pain runs through it this morning as I'm typing this - it's all part of the game and I just have to suck it up.

On a serious note though. BJJ is very injury prone. Perhaps it's just me I dunno. A purple belt I talked to last night broke his rib a month and a half ago when he fell back with his opponent in an akward position. I can totally see people breaking fingers and toes. My fingers are numb right now and my toes feel bruised. I noticed that Fukuzumi-sensei's hands look like they have been broken because every single finger on his hand have protrusions of callusing around the first joints of the fingers. It's weird and I should ask him about it. I'm like that. If I'm curious about something I'll just ask. Afterall, life is too short to go around wondering all day.

We worked on transition from the side mount to kesa-gatame (scarf hold). After that, he showed us how to work on the opponents arm to submit with armbar and americana. It was just what I needed really. This lesson coupled with side control last week was great. I need more of these.

I sparred with 6 people last night. That is something like 40 minutes of rolling. Perhaps that's why I feel drained today. Don't get me wrong though, it was good and I am actually starting to relax more. My arms are not feeling that dead-arm pain anymore. I was impressed with the white belt guy I fought at the end. I probably had 5-10 kg on him and still could not pass his guard. I could break the legs but not pass him. He was like a snake with his legs turning into me so that I kept getting tangled in them. He seems to have mastered the hip movements. It makes me wonder why these guys don't have any stripes yet. A white belt who is 80 kg always smothers me when he gets top mount. It annoys the shit out of me but this time my breathing was good (I've been focusing on deep belly breathing) and I just did not tap from the smother.

All in all it was a good session. Apart from the foot unjury. Hopefully it will heal so I can go again on Thursday.


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