Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day 46: A hard day

I feel in a great mood tonight. That's mainly because I did martial arts (boxing and grappling) for 2 and a half hours this morning from 9 am. When you do something you were made (dare I say born) to do, then you always feel satisfied with life. That's my theory. I remember at 13 years old going to my first Karate dojo, my legs and back as stiff as a board. Within 3 months the black belt instructor, a guy called Tony Eglin, said he wanted me to jump up 2 belts to green belt. He even sold me his old Gi which eventually got ripped during a rough class when I was much older. I remember kicking people in the head, sweeping them to the floor and giving black eyes and being smacked in the teeth so that tears filled my eyes.

I can only thank Power 90 and the beachbody people for getting me back into shape so that my mind and body craves this kind of activity. It's like the workouts have turned on a switch that I had never completely turned off. I have the fitness now to do jiu jitsu and I think keep up with guys younger than me.

After a short nap of about an hour I woke up watched "Renzo Gracie - Legacy" which inspired me a lot. Then got to work on Circuit 3 using 17.5 kg for all moves. I finised with an ab workout using an ab wheel which I have to say is one of the hardest core exercises I have ever tried. Watch this guy here making it look easy.

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