Friday, 14 August 2009

Day 9: Burn Circuit 2

Worked with heavier weights again today and felt it. It was much cooler last night and today so I had a much better workout. The 3 extreme reps on bicep curls hurt a lot and was really good for hitting those last fibers of muscle.

I'm using fitday to calculate my food intake now. Figures for yesterday were:

Calories 2219
  • Fat 117g (46%)
  • Protein 140g (23%)
  • Carbohydrate 174g (31%)
I'm trying to hit around 2100 calories for weight loss so I think that was a good day. Although, protein was way high because I ate a lot of lamb in the afternoon. I really want carbohydrates down below 100 for optimal fat loss but it is so damn hard to get it low. hmm.

I rode my bicycle for about 3 hours today in the blistering sun. Not only did I get a Vitamin D shower but must have burnt over a thousand calories. Wahey.

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