Tuesday, 1 August 2017

On The Mat Day 875: Rare Night Training

I went to train last night with James. It's super rare that I train at night but since there is a 10 Celsius degree temperature drop from the afternoon class I decided to go at night. Even so, sweat was just dripping off me and my Scramble Rebel pants were dark black from sweat by the end.
Getting underhooked by Tete, looking for butterfly hook to get out of trouble
I only sparred 4 rounds then used the Bulgarian bag to do lunges in attempt to strengthen my knee. I'm super careful when sparring but once I get tired I have to be very wary of not getting injured again. When I am fresh I can concentrate on keeping my knee out of trouble but once I hit that stamina wall I have to stop for now.

I was told by James and K-sensei that Imanari Masakazu will come to our club to do a seminar. Hopefully he will show us leglocks and I am really looking forward to it. Be nice to get a signed DVD or some memorabilia. I think they have set a date for September 24th. Both my instructor and Imanari have the same instructor in Marco Barbosa who awarded them both black belt.

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