Tuesday, 14 March 2017

P90X Week 2 Complete

I feel like my body is always sore but has tightened up in so many places.My arms, chest, sides and hamstrings feel more solid. I can do more push ups and pull ups now and I can go further with Plyometrics.

It's getting a little hard to start Plyo and Ab Ripper because they are probably the most painful workouts for me. I find Ab Ripper to be quite boring and in general, as with all the workouts, to be overly long. I still get up at 7.10 am, put my mats down on the floor, shift my chair out of the room and get to it. By the time the weekend arrives, though, I am extremely tired and require a 9 hour sleep to recover. I would probably benefit from taking a nap in the daytime. Although this may mess up my sleep pattern. Right now I sleep somewhere between 10 and 11 pm so I can be fully rested for a workout.

My diet is going OK. I write everything down in a notebook to keep myself honest. I don't write macro nutrients like Carbs, Protein and Fats but simply have been trying to stop eating so many carbs and sugary foods. Below are some examples of what I eat. Lots of green and a good chunk of meat. Carbs mostly come from sweet potatoes and rice, with very little bread. Fats are mostly avocado, walnuts, macadamia, MCT oil, coconut oil, olives, eggs, butter and cream.
My favourite meal after training P90X in the morning and BJJ
Lots of avocado with chicken and salad

February 27, 2017: 143/79 BP, 50 BPM, 87 cm waist, 75.6 kg

March 6, 2017: 144/79 BP, 51 BPM, 86 cm waist, 75 kg
March 13, 2017: 148/80 BP, 47 BPM, 84.5 cm waist, 74.8 kg 

I was a little worried because my blood pressure was high but it only seems to happen in the morning. I checked myself in the afternoon and it was normal. My weight has not gone down much (200 g) but my waist is getting thinner. I think I am snacking on too many nuts. They are so calorie dense.

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