Friday, 11 October 2013

On the Mat Day 419: Morning Training > Evening Training

I am really enjoying training in the morning. I am fresh and my brain is awake, plus I have the rest of the day after training to let my brain digest the stuff I worked on in class whereas if it was a night class, I often thrash around in bed thinking about technique and get a terrible nights sleep. Its true that I am a little stiff in the morning and it is hard to invert my body but cycling to the club usually works the kinks out. The only other negative is that more of the tougher guys come for the evening class so that gives me a better work out.

After going over the same guard passing as Wednesday, K-sensei made us do leg drag passes. I know this type of pass is very strong and once mastered, easy to use so at the end of class I asked K-sensei to play grappling dummy for me while I practiced each side for 10 sets. I notice many professionals do this type of uchikomi a lot and think I need to do more of it. Afterall, judoka do it all the time. I also did uchikomi for berimbolo. I think the berimbolo is a great technique for competition. It not only looks cool but it can be confusing as hell for people who get wrapped up by it. On the other hand, I also think it's important to be good at takedown and have good pressure for self-defense. I'm always working on all aspects of my game. That's the great thing about this art/sport, there is always something different to do to get better. It is like a Pandora's box. Once you open it up, all kinds of stuff start spilling out and overwhelm you.

Below is a berimbolo from Kako-san who is considered one of the best players of this move in Japan right now. His gym is just down the road from mine and he sometimes comes over for sparring. Perhaps I need to get him to also show me some stuff.

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