Friday, 9 August 2013

On the Mat Day 396: Freelance life and BJJ

It's been a week since I have been to class but I managed to break away from work and go train on Wednesday night. There were a couple of old yet not seem for a while faces there. Kon-san and Ogiyama, also Dmitri who I haven't seen for a while. It was actually a full room of people and a new guy signed up. I tend not to judge a book by its cover but the new guy looked like he would crumble easily under side control. Looking at the guy made me think of the Hannibal Lector picture that was posted on the bjj reddit forums. I could almost feel the meaner guys in the room looking at this guy hoping he would spar. I did go over and ask him if he wanted to roll and Ogiyama made a comment that I was the first one he lost his mat virginity too a few years back. It made me laugh. I told the new guy that I'd go easy on him, which I would, because I like to see how untrained people will attack me. He declined causing as what the Japanese say "an image down" moment.

I am so goddamn busy at home as a freelance translator now working from 9am until 10pm at night at times. Sure I take a break but wow its hard work but the environment is so much better. I thought I would have more time for BJJ but it has gone the opposite. Still as things settle I plan to make more time for my training and after watching my son at judo yesterday would love to get into that also.

I found a nice little video of the Barbosa tournament back in Spring when K-sensei took on Imanari the leglock master....enjoy.

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