Thursday, 11 July 2013

On the Mat Day 389: Natsu Bate

I didn't train for a week. I meant to go on Friday and go watch the competition on Sunday but I felt like shit all weekend. They call it natsu bate here which means summer fatigue. Last week was reasonable comfortable mild weather then all of a sudden the temperatures just soared to around 38 C and my usual sprightly self just wilted in the heat. I've been consciously drinking tons of water throughout the day since then. Maybe up to 4 liters. This has helped a lot and I am not feeling OK again after acclimatizing myself.

There was some good training last night. Wednesdays are now the best day to go imo. A large selection of opponents, from colored to white belts both big and small. I sweated enough to lose about 1.5 kg. In the morning I weighed around 74.8 kg and at night after training and eating a bowl of raw fish and rice I was 73 kg. Crazy!

It was my last day at my boring job yesterday so nothing could knock me back from being happy yesterday. Getting back to training was the icing on the cake really. I'm working as a freelance translator now and about to build my client base, this will take time. I will probably be poor for a while but one of the pros is that maybe I can get in more BJJ training!

Sparring time: 6 x 5 mins = 30 mins

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