Monday, 1 July 2013

On the Mat Day 387: Kesa-gatame Escapes in My Head

My training has been knocked out of sync this week. I usually train on Friday but instead went to class on Saturday. I expected a lot more people to turn up but summer is here and folks like to go out and socialize too. We continued with the guard passing theme. The main concept is to always be looking to get the bottom of the guard player's feet to face away from your body; either push them up to face the ceiling and fill the space with your stomach or push them to face the floor and trap the between your legs while keeping your legs tight and close together. Our school is predominantly a top heavy style, most guys go for a judo throw and pass the guard with pressure passing. There are only a few including me who jump to guard, although I seldom do it now because this year I am working on takedown but I feel most comfortable attacking from the guard.

During sparring I almost caught K-sensei with an armbar after I secured his arm while he was working a deep half sweep on me. He is far too squirmy though and escaped. I also did a nice flying triangle on a white belt (got to start somewhere). I should really add in a breakfall though and be faster at wrapping up my 2nd leg from its position on the hip while the opponent is stunned. I failed to do Tai-otoshi/uchi-mata because I'm mixing them together akwardly and have too much slack in my grips when I rotate my hips. Throws are hard.

I asked F-sensei about kesa-gatame escapes since my son was doing judo in the afternoon and had some trouble against bigger opponents. He showed me some nifty moves with the far foot to adjust my trapped arm to get the correct hand position to bump the opponent over. Also he corrected my hands. They have to be palm to palm clasped.

I ended the night with a bar of frozen Asai and stopped off at the convenience store. Two chicks in some kind of office work clothes waved at me for no reason in particular. Perhaps they could smell my mat sweat.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

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