Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kettlebell Tabata

It was surprisingly easy to wake up this morning. In fact my brain turned back on before 6am and I thought I had overslept. According to my android app, I am up about 7 hours sleep so very well rested.

I decided to do a quick workout of 20 minutes before tucking into my bowl of Asai. The workout was from Fitness Blender and called Brutal Tabata Kettlebell Workout or something close. It rotated a kettlebell exercise like snatches with a cardio exercise like burpees. The time on kept with the Tabata principle. I think it was 30 seconds on 20 seconds off for this workout. I'm not sure because I was panting so badly and sweating like mad. I got through it fine but it was a good kick-start to the day. I'm still looking to buy a heavier kettlebell also. Kettlebells are amazing. It feels like you are wielding a weapon more than a piece of equipment. Very barbarian and primal.

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