Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Day 2 P90X2: Plyocide

I woke up at 6 am to a dismal overcast morning. It was still dark and I had been having such a great dream involving some nameless girl who I thought was my soul mate that I really didn't want to get up and work out. She quickly dissolved and I groggily got out of bed, turned my alarm off and stifled my inner negative pretty fast and got changed.

What can I say about the workout? It was great. Packed with so many different exercises and using a medicine ball and balance ball, it was over in no time at all. In fact that is what was great about it. It started with roughly a 10 min warmup, 30 mins workout, followed by a cool down of under 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I could not do the cool down as I had to jump in the shower and break my fast ready for work, but I got the workout down and done.

The workout itself was not as devastatingly hard as I was dreading. Yes, I took breaks because my heart was pumping way too hard. Yes, I did not do all the reps and cursed but there were enough breaks and lots of variation. Another thing that I liked was the low impact exercises mixed with high impact. I think Tony H really has got it down to a science. He seems to know exactly when a person is gasping for air and turn it down but still keep them moving. I have to say that jumping with a medicine ball makes me tired fast. Oh, and if you do this workout, make sure you have a sturdy box to stand on. I didn't and wasted 5 minutes looking for one then finally gave up.

I look forward to the rest of the series and my BJJ class tonight.

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