Saturday, 13 October 2012

On the Mat Day 310: Passing

I'm slowly starting to incorporate small concepts and techniques I've seen on both the Caio Terra DVD and the new one from Brandon Mullins. Since both are small guys the techniques they show work really well because they are so technical. For example, if I spar vs a strong guy they sometimes turn away from me while trapping my crossfacing arm and bring me all the way over them. That didn't happen tonight because I did exactly what Caio Terra showed me to do. Drop my hips back as far as I can go to stabilize my weight and bring them back into side control. It worked like a charm versus a very strong guy. I also used Brandon's armdrag and drop to single leg takedown. There are so real gems on both DVDs perhaps moreso on Brandon's and I can really feel my game getting better.

Sparring time: 7.5 x 6 mins = 45 mins

Why the half? Well, I almost had my fingers broken but instead the tendon in my left hand was stretched a little when an opponent bigger than me came down on my hand which was posted akwardly on the mat. I had to stop to ice it a bit before deciding it was ok to continue. I've lost some strength in it now but will continue to freeze it before applying heat tomorrow.

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