Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tapout XT Day 36: Cardio XT

Super Hard, ew missus
I went and bought a tougher band. It says "Super Hard" on the box. Let's hope it kicks my arse because my old band was getting a bit weak-sauce.

I did the Cardio XT with my son today. God knows what made him want to do it with me but it's cool to see him try to do a push up. He looks like a seal barking for a play ball as his hips and not his chest go up and down. I sweated a ton during this workout and actually recorded some stats with my heart rate monitor, here they are:

Total time: 45 mins
Avg heart rate 114
Max heart rate 179
Calories 305

So the "Every workout burns 1200 calories" is obviously bullshit. I knew that already but wanted it confirmed. Even if my watch and heart rate monitor do only use my body weight and heart rate to work out the calories, there is no way it could be wrong by a margin of 25% of actual.

Still, I noticed that I fatigue due to muscular endurance rather than my heart rate. I sit around 60 bpm so knew this was not a problem. What is a problem are the lactic acid build up in my legs that my body does not yet deal with efficiently.

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