Saturday, 4 August 2012

On the Mat Day 289: Keeping It In The Family

My son turns 8 in a week. It seems like no time has passed since I saw his birth. He is getting bigger and stronger each day I see him. Now, it's time for him to start a martial art. I asked him which he wanted to do; Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu or Judo. His choice was jiu-jitsu.

I decided to take him to the dojo with me for today's morning lesson. There were no other kids, just adults so we did the warm up together and he did the drills the best he could. After that F-sensei showed the whole class some passing techniques and went over to my son while the adults were drilling and taught him some techniques like double-leg and mounting an opponent. I didn't really watch what he did to be honest but I could hear my instructor praising him for doing a good job all the time. I was very impressed with how professional my instructor handled my son even though I had turned up with him out of the blue, F-sensei really made him feel at home.

We sparred at the end and I went through 4 opponents before it turned 12.30pm and time to leave. But before that I rolled for a round with my son for 5 minutes. He kept shooting in for double legs on me and of course I allowed the take down. He went right for mount and I just tried to unbalance him little by little. I was very impressed by how well he had absorbed what F-sensei had just taught him and then put it immediately into practice.

When we got home he told his mum that he wanted to go again. My eyebrows raised a little at that because just that morning he had cried at the fact that I told him he had no choice but to go training with me today. I will buy him a gi and hope that he keeps enjoying BJJ as much as I do. More than just practising the art/sport, I want him to be surrounded by the guys I train with, so they act as surrogate parents to him and instill a positive attitude on him.

Sparring time: 4 x 5 mins = 20 mins
Notable moments: lots of deep half guard

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