Friday, 6 July 2012

Tapout XT Day 5: Sprawl & Brawl

My inner thighs and glut muscles are extremely sore today from the Plyo workout yesterday. That didn't stop me from working out this morning though.

I expected Sprawl and Brawl to be tough but in fact after Plyo it was a breeze, well apart from the 10 minute mark at the end. There are still a lot of push ups and lunges but there were also some punching and lying down on the floor doing hops and climbers. It was a very mixed bag of exercises so it never got boring but the breaks are sporadic. I think the first one is after 10 minutes then the next was close to the end. The one thing I don't like in comparison to P90X is there is no timer on screen with a countdown. I like to know how much I have left so I can push harder. I tend to reserve energy if no end is in sight. I did like sprawling since it is applicable to BJJ. There was one exercise, triangle crunches? where he had the leg on top of the knee. This produces a stretch while crunching but I thought that would have been a perfect opportunity to use a correct triangle choke leg form, which I did. If I want to stretch my outer thigh, I'm not gonna do it while crunching. However, crunching and triangle choking could be useful to ingrain into your body as a grappler. This is an MMA based workout series right?

Workout: Sprawl and Brawl
Type: Focused muscular endurance, low cardio effect
Time: Around 45 minutes
Tools: Just a mat with plenty of space and towel


  1. "I expected Sprawl and Brawl to be tough but in fact after Plyo it was a breeze"

    Yeah, see, this is what has got me wary.

    Sprawl & Brawl is pretty tough. So far, I'd say it's Cross Core Combat > Sprawl & Brawl > everything else.

  2. I think Cross Core Combat is hard if your core is not too strong. I find that S&B gives me more of a workout. I will post a review soon about them.