Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tapout XT Day 4: Plyo XT

So this was the workout I was dreading. Using your muscles to jump off the ground, to work against Earth's gravity, is just so amazingly tiring. The workout itself felt harder than P90X but that maybe just due to the fact I've never done this before. Unfamiliar ground usually taxes the body and mind faster. It was more likely the lack of real breaks during the workout. They were very short and then back into it. I took so many breaks it wasn't funny. This is the only workout I have ever done that made me feel like a geriatric. It also showed me how bad my cardio and recovery is, and how far I have to go. If nothing gets me fit for BJJ out of this workout set, Plyo XT will do the job. Of that I am sure.

Missed the last 5 minutes of the workout because I was dying. I don't know if I will ever get good enough to keep up the pace. Oh and my legs are like jelly now but

"What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." - Conan

Workout: Plyo XT
Type: Jumping up, side to side, thigh burning, heart pumping, glut muscle pain inducing workout
Time: Around 50 minutes
Tools: Lots of water and a nice big towel to dry off the sweat flood


  1. I'm relieved I switched up the schedule. Instead of doing week 1 in the first week, I'm doing week 4. Which gives me until next week to get ready for plyo. It looks tough, dude, and I don't know how I'll do. My legs are my strongest muscle group but ... Eish!

  2. Plyo will not just work your legs but your heart. I really hated Plyo and am glad I am done with the program now.