Saturday, 14 July 2012

On the Mat Day 281: Getting Fitter

Doing Tapout XT for 2 weeks has definately increased my stamina. I no longer pause during sparring as much as before. I'm also a lot better at handling the heat. Sure I still get tired but I am up and ready for another round before the other guys.

F-sensei showed us a lot of attacks from closed guard. He also brought up a move I haven't seen in ages which was a failed omoplata to capturing their far arm with your leg and pulling them into a full nelson type lock with your legs, it can also be transitioned into a triangle. It stuck in my mind the most so maybe I should try to use it.

I am getting a little better at escaping. Although, when I am completely flat it is damn hard to get out. I want to kick myself in the head when I allow both shoulder to touch the mat. I'm using the knee shield a lot to escape and actually looking down into the mat with it to create space. It feels kind of like the wrong way to move when I do it but it works so I can pull through my bottom leg and get both my legs between me and the opponent. I also tried Saulo's running escape but F-sensei tied me up easily by controlling the arm closest to the mat. I asked him if he knew it was running escape and therefore easily knew the counter. He said he didnt know it but maybe they have a different name for it over here. Regardless, he knew instinctively what to do to stuff my escape.

I've also subscribed to Jordan Schultz videos, you can find them here. So far they seem ok but I've not tried to apply any of the moves he shows. Still the weight bracket title caught my eye because the videos are for 170lb guys. Every little bit helps right? I actually listened to Jordan on the Open Mat BJJ podcast and he sounds very intelligent. Although, I did not agree with everything he said, he did make some good arguments.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

Notable moments: Couple of dirty sneaky achilles leg locks, managing to keep Tsuzuki-san off me for more than a minute.

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