Saturday, 28 April 2012

On the Mat Day 260: Unschedule Training

So I woke up today thinking it would be a no jiu-jitsu day. I had no plan to go to class because I was waiting for my brother-in-law to call so we could go out and buy gear to paint my house. It turns out he didn't wake up until 11 am so I grumbled to the wife that I could have been doing BJJ today. She turned around and asked me if it wasn't too late to go to class. This was at 11 am and class starts at that time. My jaw dropped at her suggestion because she likes me to stay at home as much as possible to be with the kids. Not missing the opportunity, I packed my stuff and took off to class.

I arrived to a warm baked mat and a good handful of guys having already finished the drilling. I did some solo warm ups then starting sparring. Most of today I managed to work on stand up. Basically I was always looking for drop seio-nage, hikkoki-nage, sumi-nage and double-leg tackle. On the ground I mostly shifted into deep half guard, sweep then work on stacking the legs to pass. I actually got F-sensei in a triangle and made him tap. For sure, he was working himself into bad positions and letting me transition but as soon as my legs moved from omoplata to triangle he worked hard to get out. That was a nice feeling to know that my triangle is tight enough that even a black belt will tap when caught in it. He crushed me after that though lol. I'm really trying to focus on shrimping, using the mechanics of my bones instead of muscles to escape or take the opponent's weight off me. I got some success from that. I have developed a bad habit again by turtling too easily. I must not stay there for too long.

I have to say that it is the best feeling training when you didn't expect to be going. Rushing off to class left me with no time to let the little voice in my head tell me I was too tired or lazy to go.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins


  1. It is away nice to get in a little extra training. When it wasn't expected it is like a gift. I am jealous of you cause I am out on injury till my back heals. Take care and good luck.

  2. Hope you heal soon brother. Put your nose in a BJJ book or watch videos, listen to podcasts. That's what I did when I broke my foot.