Sunday, 5 February 2012

On the Mat Day 231: New Black Belt

K-sensei very sharp in all black
So for the last 2 weeks we heard that K-sensei would receive his black belt today. So I went to class this morning expecting a ton of people and some sort of official ceremony of the belt hand over. I was the first person there then Arata turned up a couple of minutes later then K-sensei took the class while F-sensei took the day off. I watched as K-sensei took his new black belt out of its plastic covering and put it on jokinly complaining that it was stiff and hard to tie.

It was a total suprise that they did not promote him in front of everyone with more of an official theme to it. But I guess that is the way he wanted it. No pomp, no fuss, just wrap it around the waist and let's get back to business. I was seriously hoping for a belt whipping with us all lined up for the gauntlet but we don't do that at our club. There was a rumour of us doing it though. I like K-sensei. He has been a great help so far in my BJJ life so I was a little bummed there was no ceremony of sorts. However, all the guys are going out tonight to celebrate so I guess that is good enough. Unfortunately, I won't be attending their little get together.

Arm triangle choke
Back to the class. K-sensei taught us the arm triangle from side control and half-guard with a variation if the opponent attempts to turn away to escape. There was a lot of variations for the technique so I have to make some notes for it later in the week. The arm triangle is probably one of my favourite techniques if I can get in the right position I will try for it along with an americana depending on how much the opponent is flailing or protecting their arms.

Arata-kun, looks can be deceiving in BJJ
I was impressed with Arata who has been coming to our club for easily over a year. He has long legs and got me in a triangle position today which I had to work hard to break out of. He started as a high school student and felt very weak during sparring but over the last year has grown in strength and has improved a lot. I did get a nice deep half guard sweep on him which I am happy to say I hid the arm quickly under his leg, something I have been poor at doing.

Sparring time: 4 x 6 = 24 mins

Notable moments: Feeling like a beginner under K-sensei's pressure in half-guard :(

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