Wednesday, 16 November 2011

On the Mat Day 210: Potential New Blood

Technique of the week: Double Under Stacking Pass (担ぎパス)

The temperature has dropped a lot over the last week. This shows because not many people are turning up for class. I on the other hand being British am accustomed to this sort of weather and actually sleep better and perform better at this temperature. If it gets any colder that is another thing but for now I am enjoying the mild cold. The mats were a little cold to the touch last night so I ran around the perimeter to warm up. I did some tornado rolls against the wall and a few moves on the balance ball and floor. I've been thinking about working out a specific set of moves based on Gimnastica Naturale but sort of like a kata where the moves are set so that I don't have to be spontaneous every time.

Because K-sensei and I were the only ones we did a lot of drill warmups. Armbar, triangle and omoplata. Then we moved onto hip bump sweep and kimura from full guard. He gave me a few pointers such as the posting elbow should be close to you body so you can move faster. I also asked him about kesagatame escapes. He told me to combine the escape I tried and failed with on Saturday with one where I push their holding arm, pull my head out and take the back. If they bend their body forward so their head is close to the mat in kesagatame, no matter how hard I try to bridge them, it won't work. But that position was a good one to escape to the back. This may sound basic to many people but there are so many counters and techniques in BJJ I sometimes feel swamped and my brain frizzles when I search for the correct technique. Perhaps a younger brain could store the technique better but I really have to drill more.

The next competition is on December 11th. We have our end of year party then so I thought a ton of people would go to the competition then head onto the party. It seems not though. Only 2 people so far. Akira is going to the Japan Open in Tokyo on the 10th. I hope he does well.

After spending time on the drill of the week (passing the guard with double unders), we moved onto sparring. Only K-sensei, Tete, me and a guy who came for a trial lesson. He was small at 63 kg but suprisingly muscular. Apparently, he had done BJJ for 6 months at a different club. He moved quite well. Small guys though can be really hard to hold down. They struggle like newly caught fish. I had to use knee on belly after passing because he was fast at moving away. As with all white belts, his gripping was intense, all the time. His body was tense but luckily for him he was fit so could keep up the pace. Because it was a trial lesson and we don't want to scare him off, we all took it easy on him. The 2nd spar I had with him I worked on the under collar pin from side control and choking with the top arm. I really hope he joins up. Be good to get new blood.

Sparring time: 4 x 6 mins = 24 mins (lots of drilling meant less time for sparring)

Notable moments: Me going for a single leg, getting thrown over and landing on my head without it hurting. I guess my neck is getting strong.

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