Saturday, 5 November 2011

On the Mat Day 207: Buttefly Sweep

Thursday was a national holiday so it was no suprise to see so many people at the dojo last night. About 10 people turned up in total. Mostly blue belts and a single white belt.

We started in butterfly guard, just sitting with hooks out. Then the opponent grips your lapel, you break it and pull his arm into you and use your hooks to sweep him. Pretty effective but I hardly use it because I am not confident with it. I forget certain steps and end up crushed.

Sparring was great. The best in a while. I used x-guard a hell of a lot. Took the back and did a tactical standup to take-down with it. I am still forgetting to unbalance the opponent enough and concentrate too much on getting the last hook in. I also used a stirrup move Tete-kun showed us. Pull the opponent's lapel out, shrimp out, put your foot in the lapel like a stirrup. It was supposed to go into a triangle but I gripped his pants with my free hand at the knee and actually swept him into mount. This was on Fuji-san who is damn heavy too. I found that my pressure is getting better along with my balance awareness. It is getting harder to sweep me but I still need to relax my muscles when on top so I get more pressure.

I forgot my belt last night - doh. I had to wear Kensuke's who has not been for a while. I hate that because it makes me feel like my belt missed a lesson and will no longer level up with me! Weird I know, probably as weird as those people who can't step on cracks in the pavement.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

Notable moment: Using a modified bow and arrow choke with my top leg at the back of Akira's head to make him reluctantly tap. muhaha. He was peeved but accepted that he hadn't been for 10 days so took it on the chin. I also almost got a kneebar on him. Something I never try for.

Bow and Arrow choke only my top leg was completey over his head so my hanstring is pushing against his head

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