Saturday, 3 September 2011

Day 191: Omoplata (with notes)

A typhoon is hovering over the area where I live right now so it was not surprising that there were few people training last night. Only me and Tsuzuki-san who is purple. Because of our coloured belt grade F-sensei skipped a lot of the omoplata basics and went straight to dealing with a stalling opponent in the closed guard. We started each move by extending the legs and getting distance to hip out and work into omoplata with variation to technical standup then to crucifix and triangle. I enjoyed it but my knee was tweaking in closed guard. I skipped sparring and anyway Tsuzuki went home early because of work the next day (he's a policeman).

I asked both F and K-sensei about leg locks and just really confirmed that blue can only do straight achilles tendon locks and from brown is ankle locks but only in one direction. That is the ankle lock with the toe in the armpit and the arm around the opponent's ankle reaping it around so it also affects the knee is illegal. Bicep slicers or similar moves are only from brown belt. I know a bicep splicer move from spider guard but asked to see a slicer move that pressured the lower bones of the arm, really nasty move.

F-sensei opened a new dojo in Tsurumai. Smaller space but it has an air conditioner! I may visit once it has a few people going there. Be nice to have a change of scenery. Also, F-sensei's wife was made purple belt. Very cool because she is very knowledgable and also teaches the kids and some adult classes when he is away. Grats!

Sparring time: 0

Until now I have taken down notes on techniques in notebooks. They get a little scraggly after a while so I have decided to write them here in digital format using docstat. They are very detailed so hopefully will help jog my memory a few weeks down the road when I have forgotten most of them. The first one is on last weeks Omoplata technique.

BJJ Omoplata Notes August 2011 -  

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