Thursday, 11 August 2011

On the Mat Day 185: Armbar Escapes

I feel like I am over training. My body wont shift into the right gear during BJJ training and my mind isn't working. I believe this was because I went training on Sunday when that was my rest day for Rev Abs. The thing is, I like to get 3 sessions in per week of BJJ. Perhaps I should cut a day of Rev Abs instead and have it as my rest day.

During sparring I just felt that nothing was coming to me. Anything I tried was either too late or shut down. I wish I had a plan of action of moves that I should shift to in certain situations but when I try to create a flow chart I seem to get bogged down in all the permutations that could happen from that point. BJJ can be so frustrating yet so mind engaging at times. I watched as Akira just kept going last night despite the heat. He is really pushing himself. I'm just biding my time until we get to the end of September when Japan cools down and I hope that I can get my energy back to last 8 or more rounds. Off the mat, my fitness is climbing though and I'm happy with my progress doing Rev Abs.

I must admit that my poor performance last night made me think about quitting. Lots of questions went through my head while relaxing after practice. I get these thoughts from time to time and always after a sparring session where I do badly. This morning, though, after a good nights sleep, all I could think about was what I want to work on during the next class. It's like the advice people give you when you are angry and want to say something hurtful to your friends or loved ones, "Sleep on it". My next class will be Thursday and I am also thinking about sparring on Friday night because we will break for the Obon holidays from the weekend.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins
(Sparred with the sensei's wife last night, she has a technical level I wish I had but I guess most women are very technical if they always spar with men, they have to be.).

Moments of note: failing to escape an armbar from S-mount after just drilling them for 45 mins!

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