Friday, 8 July 2011

On the Mat Day 173: Lapel Chokes

So I was pretty much foaming at the mouth to get back to training. I've pretty much been doing 3 time a week up until now. I was just waiting for my ankle to heal up enough. I also had an ear infection (thanks Japan summer!) but that cleared up enough for me to jump back on the mats again last night. I must say that the rest did me good. I have also been sleeping well. Close to 8 hours a day. I know when I used to weight train it was really important to let your body rest every so often to let muscle grow and allow your central nervous system to heal from the beating it takes. Too much exercise and little breaks can leave you weak and prone to illness. I think I really needed a break. Let's face it, I am not some 20 year old. I have to be realistic about my health.

Anyway, lots and lots of lapel chokes last night. Using the opponents gi and choke him. Then measures to use when he/she blocks. I like lapel chokes but they can be hard to do from closed guard. Many opponents are aware of them and usually fight them off. I will try to pick a few and work them into my BJJ.

Sadly, my return wasn't greeted by a ton of people at the gym. There were only the instructors and a new white belt -- who didn't spar. It seems to be F-sensei's policy now not to throw guys to the wolves who just come in. I can't blame him but I am pretty nice to folks who's first time it is to spar as a white belt. Sometimes that works against me and I get a knee in the mouth or a rough and tumble young'n who goes crazy to beat me. Talking of knees in the mouth, I caught one last night from K-sensei and luckily I still have all my teeth. But it hit home that I should invest in a tailor made gum shield. Next trip to the dentist that will be on my schedule.

At the end of class F-sensei showed me passes from the double-underhook and de la Riva. Great class just shame about the lack of numbers. It is damn hot though!

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins (drank too much water and almost puked half-way through )

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