Saturday, 21 May 2011

On the Mat Day 158: Americana

Only me and Akira at the start tonight. But a few folks came by later for sparring. I guess Friday is most folks drop by and do a few rounds of rolling night. Which is cool because I get more partners. Akira came because I told him I'd be there. After the class he helped me work on knee on belly escapes of which I only went over the bump and tuck to half-guard. Since I've been watching Jeff Glover's DVD again I wanted to do some deep-half. I actually pulled off the Homer Simpson during sparring probably because it is the easiest to remember. It was a well spent 20 mins after class doing the drills. I ask Akira if he wants to try something but he says no and is happy to let me drill on him. He's always been this way since I started. Whereas I want to do the technique as many times as possible he will do it twice then want to move on. I suppose we are all different in our approach.

Sparring was um..ok. I almost got my toes broken as I was sparring with a big guy who swept me and came up on top of me with my toes pressing into the mat. This is the 2nd time it's happened with him. He just has a lot of pressure and is much heavier than me. Probably about 100 kg. I felt all of it during side control then KOB. I could not escape to save my life from any of his holding moves. He is a judo black belt so I can see where the pressure comes from. He actually submitted me with KOB. I've never had anyone so big doing that to me before. Same weight I can usually hold out until I escape or knock the knee off. But Friday I felt my stomach being pushed up under my rib cage. It was rough...but no hard feelings. These things just make me more determined to get better.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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