Saturday, 18 September 2010

On the Mat Day 102: Osaekomi

This week has been up and down so bad that I had little time to train. I finally got to a class last night though despite being a bit under the weather. The usual crowd were there and I had a few good rolls and actually held my own. Kondo-san said I did well, which I think I did on the escapes. I am starting to relax a lot more during sparring. I only use strength and speed when I need it. It was one of those nights where I went into class feeling like I didn't want to be there but left feeling amazing.

I've been reading BJ Penn's book, "Why I Fight" which is an interesting read into a BJJ guy and how he went on to MMA. I was always aware of him before I started BJJ because I've always liked MMA and watched Pride over here in Japan. Although, he always seemed too self-involved and maybe big headed for my liking. After reading his book, I have changed my mind. He had goals and completed them and had a lot of crap to put up with in the way. The story about GSP using grease during his fights reminded me of stories from ancient Greece when they had Pankration fights to the death. Still it was sly to do that if he did use something on his skin.

Sparring time: 4 x 6 mins = 24 mins

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