Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 100: Butterfly sweeps

Ok so tonight was the 100th lesson of BJJ! In actual fact it felt like my first lesson because that is how piss poor I felt when sparring. Have you ever had a rolling session where your mind is blank, where you are at the mercy of everyone in the place and feel like a practice doll - that was my night. Totally the nail tonight. I was under side control so many times and getting my guard passed it wasn't funny. The higher belts (purple+) always make sure they are on my back and choking me and the blue belts either escape anything I have to offer or laugh at my passing skills. To be honest, all the guys I sparred with tonight had more mat time than me. I suppose I am too hard on myself but after a year it would be nice to have some new blood for me to practice on. There are 2 new guys who started but I have only met one. I seem to be the only white belt going to class now. Kensuke came. He is a 3 stripe but should probably be a blue. He's a judo boy too and schooled me tonight. Funny but the past few lessons we have had together I have caught him out. Tonight though, he was on form.

I need to sit down and think of a game plan. What do I do when we are standing and the guy grabs my left sleeve and right collar. What is my first move when he double-legs me etc. It seems to me that I lose out most on stand up because all the guys I go against have more throws or more time doing judo than me. It seems a natural progression here for guys who have done judo to take up BJJ. I try to keep my base low but sometimes I get caught out.

Well, rant over. Here I raise my cup of rice wine to another 100 lessons of BJJ.

Message to self: Do not quit even if you are getting owned. BJJ is so much more than getting the tap or tapping out. Forget about the suffering under side control or north-south. These things make you stronger.

Sparring time: 6 mins x 6 rounds = 36 mins

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