Saturday, 3 April 2010

On the Mat Day 64: Buttefly Guard Pass II

Temperature 10 degrees tonight. Slowly getting better, same as my groin injury. Lots of white belts tonight. Wish I could have sparred with them. To my dread we worked on the butterfly guard pass which is uncomfortable for me in my current state. Other nights this week I missed they did triangle or closed guard. A split second thought went through my mind wondering if they were teaching it on purpose so I'd quit. Gits.
I watched the others sparring and did pull ups, neck strengthening and push up with a 10 kg vest. Finished that with 20 mins on the bike. I can raise my right leg a little more so strength is returning but very slowly.

Sparring time: 0 mins

Note to self; Vulkan A2 size kimonos are very cool. Tried one on tonight and it was really light. Will buy one when I attain blue belt.

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