Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I spent half an hour last night just listening to some quiet music and stretching out. Repeating groin/gluteal, hamstring and back stretches. It felt good to have the brace off my foot and just loosen up on the yoga mat. My right hip was really tight, no doubt because a lot of pressure has been on that side for the last 3 and a half weeks. Both hamstrings and calves have also lost some flexibility which is rough because I was getting better in those areas before my injury.

I'm supposed to wear a half brace since Saturday but just couldn't stand using it and going through the motions with the crutches. On Sunday we went shopping and I put on my shoes and just used one crutch. Monday I thought what the hell and went without both. Just walking carefully with no support. I feel ok and went to the hospital today. They told me to only wear the half-cast at night when I sleep to prevent any inflammation. Also, I have to use the crutches just in case. I'm not going to because I hate them. If I lived in a world where people gave up seats for you, walkways were double sized and escalator floors replaced tarmac, then I'd consider otherwise. I'm still elevating my leg when I sit or sleep though.

Tonight I am off to the dojo for the first time since my injury. To train that is. I plan to just drill stuff and watch the sparring. Hope no one lands heavily on my foot again. (cross fingers)

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