Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 47: Guard Passing

Well I am back on track. It was good to enter the dojo tonight and put on the kimono. I have a new patch on the back of it showing my club. It sort of makes me feel part of the team now. It's a big old patch with a pattern that matches one of Fukuzumi-sensei's tattoos. I thought that putting on the kimono after 4 weeks would feel strange but it didn't. The mat was still cold to the touch so I wore socks. I checked the thermometer hanging on the wall - 8 degrees C.

We started with guard passing with the opponent sitting up and trapping your leg with a single arm. There were a few moves moving to armbar, omoplata and side control. One I remember well was a guillotine type choke which felt very effective. I worked the drills with Akira, who turned 20 a few months ago. He is tall and thin but really strong. He has a totally relaxed way of moving and reminds me of a slippery snake. He's basically a good kid. I was still nervous about him jumping on my foot and re-injuring it though. Totally paranoid. Whenever he would move sharply I winced at the thought. I don't think he noticed though because when we stopped for sparring he asked me to partner with him. I said I couldn't because I'd broken my foot and he seemed surprised. There were 4 white belts including me and another guy asked me to spar. Doh! Did he not just see me refuse Akira because of my foot.

While the guys sparred I worked on solo drills against the wall. Just spinning around using the momentum of my good foot. I also did a few turtle escape drills which Fukuzumi showed me. He seemed really keen to have me back training. I think he may feel guilty or something that I got injured so early on. I also did 3 sets of 10 pull ups and 2 sets of 20 neck rolls (10 front 10 back). I'll keep this up because I want to build my neck muscles. The neck/spine is the last thing I want to injure. I've noticed that just doing regular jiu-jitsu has caused my neck to thicken a little and I have a few veins there I never had before.

It was good to get back. That's the bottom line. I hope to be sparring once the doc says my bones have completely healed.

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