Friday, 16 October 2009

Day 9: Ear Pain and Asthma

Slept a lot today with my daughter in the afternoon then did yoga and gimnastica natural before getting ready for jiu-jitsu.

I got to the Dojo a little later tonight because the wife left me to put petrol into the car. The meter was flashing all the way there and I had bad visions of the car chugging to a halt and me walking the rest of the way. It was all good though in the end.

I was the only one at first and I thought that there would be no one else on Friday night. Luckily a few people turned up so there were 6 of us in total. 3 whites, 1 blue, 1 purple and Koyama (brown) who took the class. We did open guard passes. I wish he would teach us close guard pass because I need to get the basics down.

7 minute rounds for sparring tonight and I took on 5 people in total. The first was a young kid who is a white belt. He felt extremely weak, next time I will take it much easier on him. Even so, his skinny body was like a fish flopping all over the place and it was weird to get a sub on him. The next few fights were with the other guys, blue belt (Kondo) who has been doing Jiu-jitsu for 5 years! I guess he is almost purple belt but I dunno. Maybe his attendance is a bit lax. He choked and armbarred me, seems like a nice talkative guy. The white belt, hes 80 kg, Atsushi is getting better. He tried to choke me but ended up smothering me and I tapped because it was so uncomfortable. I hate tapping like that because it wasn't a proper choke just it was hard to breath (like someone has a pillow over your face). I've had problems breathing lately. It feels like asthma which I had a bit of when I was about 12. I dunno if it came because of the colder weather now or that my muscles ache so much they impair the expansion of my lungs. I need to work on breathing exercises. I sparred with Koyama and got to use the open guard pass then Suzuki who is the tough purple belt guy. He always chokes from above and sometimes uses ude-garami. He seems ok though after speaking to him.

My ears have started to ache. Kondo noticed my left ear has a callus on it now. I noticed this a few days ago but wasn't sure what it was. I think I am going to get bad cauliflower ears the more I do jiu-jitsu. The cartilege in my ears isnt very soft and suseptible to callusing. My left arm aches because a guy put his knee on my bicep. Ow that hurt.

At the end of the class when getting changed. Suzuki mentioned that I look very muscular and strong. It's not the first time one of them have said that. I do have bigger muscles than them but it doesn't help me much when we roll. All I have to do is add technique and stay in top shape and I may some day be badass at Jiu jitsu.

Start of a cauliflower ear callus (circled red) It feels uncomfortable when I lay down on my pillow on this side.

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